A collection of photography for commercial, editorial, and advertising purposes.


A collection of portraits of the amazing people I've met thus far.


The animals that inhabit this planet have always captivated my interest both scientifically and as a photographer.

Travel & Nature:

The Earth is ever changing, unfathomably large, and beautiful beyond belief. Photos taken from my travels around our world.


My brief time in the military gave me some insights and opportunities few people get. While being attached to units in the air wing, I was able to capture these photographs & stories.


Music does amazing things to people. It provides us with enless amounts of entertainment and energy, or allows us hear another's life story, and has the potential to make us feel as if we're in other worlds. These are some of the talented musicians I've had the pleasure of meeting & photographing.


On the day two people get married, everything happens so fast, but frozen moments will be remembered forever through photographs.


Amazing pieces of engineering, photographed.