Cory's interest in photography began in 2004 when a friend Bob Garas, who at the time was his dive coach, brought his camera to practice one day and photographed the team performing their dives. Amazed by the quality of images, Cory decided to start working towards the purchase of his first camera and learn as much as he could. In no time at all, this led to arranging shoots himself and participating in photography competitions.

After high school in 2005, he joined the USMC for a period of 5 years, and worked as a deployment planning specialist. During that time, Cory traveled to many countries with the military, including a tour in Iraq in 2007, and one in Afghanistan in 2009. Of course when one gets a taste of traveling, it's hard to satisfy the craving. Most of the time spent on leave during those years were spent going to other countries, meeting other artists, and learning as much as possible.

Curiosity has never been a lacking trait. Always experimenting with lighting, and techniques encourage new ways of thinking and problem solving. His life long interests in science, space, animal nature, human sociology, history, and philosophy often manifest themselves in his work.

In 2011, Cory began his formal education at Full Sail University to strengthen his knowledge of the other forms of media production. In February 2013, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Art & Design. Now equipped with new skills, tools, and a fresh outlook, there has been no better time to begin new projects.

Cory Smith - Photographer
Photo by Emilio O'Neill